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Cactos energy storage system changes the way you buy and use energy. It’s your insurance policy against future electricity pricing and supply uncertainties, all while cutting costs and carbon.

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Co-funded by the European Union
Cactos is the most cost-effective and hassle free electricity storage system on the market. It works automatically in the background, providing benefits to the client whilst stabilizing the national electricity grid at the same time. Watch the video to see how Cactos works in practice.

What’s in it for you

No matter what kind of business or property you run and where, it’s normal for localised energy consumption to vary throughout the day. These four usage benefits will help navigate the grid while saving you time, energy and dollars. And the best part is that Cactos Spine does them for you automatically on the background.

Smart shifting – charging when cheap, unloading when not.

If you run a business or property that doesn’t operate 24/7, your energy demand only rises during working hours. Cactos One charges when electricity is cheap and discharges when you need it most during the expensive hours. This way you you can lower the electricity bills.

Storing energy – for the days when the sun don’t shine.

Cactos One stores locally produced green electricity, such as from solar panels, and uses this emission-free electricity during periods when it’s most needed – cloudy, windless days or when energy prices are especially high. This gives you greater energy independence.

Back-up power – zero disruptions to your operations.

Cactos One acts as an active backup power source, anticipating future events using AI and machine learning by continually monitoring  live and historic data. Like a crystal ball, it can prepare for power outages in advance, ensuring no loss of electricity at your facilities.

Peak shaving – leveling out peaks in electricity consumption.

When the localised consumption causes a significant spike in the load curve, you could end up with an imbalanced grid and a higher energy bill. Cactos One levels out those load spikes for you by using stored electricity without disruptions to your schedules or production.

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The dynamic duo

Cactos One together with Cactos Spine optimise and manage your energy consumption needs, without you having to lift a finger.

The unit you didn’t know you needed.

Spiralling costs and market turbulence have become everyday topics. Cactos One energy storage units back up your business or property by enabling access to the most affordable and consistent energy available 24/7. The units are built using fully operational, recycled electric vehicle batteries, further reducing environmental impact.

Whether you run a small, local business, represent a governmental entity or an industrial enterprise, Cactos One can help you store and optimise your energy, offer backup and cut costs just by running in the background. It’s the unit you now know you need.

A dashboard to make you look smart.

We offer a full service, not just a set of batteries. Once your units are set up and running, you’ll gain access to Cactos Spine – our very own energy software through which all of your property’s critical info can easily be tracked in real time via your personal dashboard. You can find system status, consumption and production data as well as other key metrics all in one place.

We like to think of One as the body and Spine as the brain.

Key metrics

45 kW
130kWh/ unit

Total capacity provided for frequency containment reserve market last month (kW,h)


The largest single Cactos energy storage system (kWh)


Average installed capacity per customer (kWh)


The number of employees


Join the party

Pig farm, municipality, landlord, retirement home, gas station – just to name a few we work with. We’re proud of our diverse, growing client base ranging from large and public to small and private – and everything in between.

We’re also proud to be a supplier to Helsinki City Housing Company (Heka Oy), the largest lessor in Finland with over 50,000 premises.

Industrial & commercial


Retails & gas premises

Housing developments

Our customers

“Having watched the success of Cactos closely since their inception, we are delighted to be installing the Cactos One here in the Muhos Town Hall as part of our drive for energy security and sustainability. The Municipality of Muhos has always promoted and supported innovation and as the home of the Cactos Factory and R&D Centre, we are seeing first hand the impact and benefit this can have.”
Jussi Rämet
Mayor, Municipality of Muhos.
“The Cactos One unit will provide our housing units with emergency power, automatically optimise our consumption and maximise the benefit of our local generation. We look forward to continuing our work with the Cactos team.”
Jenni Venäläinen
Project Manager,
Helsinki City Housing Company,
Largest Cactos One energy storage system to date will be located in the logistic center of Logitri, with total capacity of 2,5MWh. You will find all the information about this exciting project right here in the video

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