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Cactos One

Spiralling costs and market turbulence have become everyday topics. Cactos One energy storage units back up your business or property by enabling access to the most affordable and consistent energy available 24/7. The units are built using fully operational, recycled electric vehicle batteries, further reducing environmental impact.

Whether you run a small, local business, represent a governmental entity or an industrial enterprise, Cactos One can help you store and optimise your energy, offer backup and cut costs just by running in the background. It’s the unit you now know you need.

Technical specifications

Energy in one system
100 kWh
Battery modules
Tesla model S battery modules (NCA)
Max. charging, discharging power
45 kVA
Battery Management System
Cactos Battery Management System
Efficiency (battery)
up to 98%
Operating voltage
468 to 648 V DC
Operating temperature
5 to 35 °C
0 to 85 % (non-condensing)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
1860 x 1280 x 1010 mm
Total weight
1500 kg
Cactos is responsible of recycling after rent period
Degree of protection
IP 20
Rated effective power
45 kW
Rated apparent power
45 kVA
Operating voltage AC
400 V
Grid frequency
50 Hz
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Cactos Spine

We offer a full service, not just a set of batteries. Once your units are set up and running, you’ll gain access to Cactos Spine – our very own energy software through which all of your property’s critical info can easily be tracked in real time via your personal dashboard. You can find system status, consumption and production data as well as other key metrics all in one place.

We like to think of One as the body and Spine as the brain.

Monitoring options

Current status
Grid frequency
Cell temperature
State of charge
Pack voltage
Cell Voltage max
Cell Voltage min


What size electricity connection does the Cactos One system require?

 ​The property’s connection size (also known as main fuse size) is often used as the basis for sizing Cactos One units. When the size of the property's connection is at least 100A per installed Cactos unit, the system can be fully utilized.

How big of an energy storage system can Cactos deliver?

The Cactos One system is fully modular and scalable, which means that several Cactos One units can be installed at one site and a system of up to several megawatt hours can be implemented. The ideal size of the system depends on the clients’ individual use case, electrical connection size and consumption profile. 

There is no upper limit to the number of units that can be installed by Cactos and the modular nature allows for the units to be scaled over time, as a client's needs evolve and changes, but allowing for the benefits to be enjoyed from the installation of the very first unit. 

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