Smart energy storage system provider Cactos signs deal worth over €1 million with leading Finnish logistics company Logitri to optimise its carbon-neutral logistics operations

March 30, 2023
Oskari Jaakkola
Olli Nuutila

20 Cactos One smart energy storage units will be installed in Logitri's logistics centre in Finland, helping them maximise their onsite solar installation, reduce consumption peaks and protect from electricity price fluctuations and power outages.

HELSINKI, Finland (March 30th, 2023) Cactos, a producer of smart energy storage systems, has signed a deal worth over 1 million euros with Finnish third-party logistics giant Logitri to install 20 Cactos One smart energy storage units at their logistics centre in Tuusula, Finland. The storage system will provide 2.5 MWh of energy storage capacity, securing the electricity supply of Logitri's logistics centre. The units will also help to level out consumption peaks caused by charging its fleet of electric vehicles, which includes Finland’s first-ever electric semi-truck, ordered for Logitri’s transportation company Storemen Logistics. Cactos’ scope of work includes the fabrication, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and financing of the smart energy storage system.

With a global logistics chain powered by electric vehicles and temperature-controlled warehousing, Logitri searched for new ways to secure its electricity supply and optimise its own consumption amid the ongoing energy crisis. With an objective to future-proof its infrastructure as it moves towards a fully electrified fleet, the ability to maximise the use of clean energy, manage cost exposure as well as levelling of consumption peaks were each of particular importance to Logitri in finding the optimal solution. 

Cactos's smart energy storage systems enable cost saving and flexibility by utilising intraday electricity price fluctuations and releasing stored solar energy generated from Logitri’s 958kWp solar array, one of the largest of its kind in Finland, when electricity prices and consumption are at their highest.

"Logitri is always searching for ways to improve our operations with regards to the environment, with 50% of our vehicles already running on natural gas or electricity. In the evenings, when our vehicles are put on charge, it causes a large spike in our energy consumption. With the complementary nature of our solar production and the Cactos system, we can ensure sufficient electricity supply and charge up to 100 warehouse Li-ion machines, including forklift trucks, at once without incurring high additional costs," says Jarno Hanhinen, co-founder and CEO of Logitri.

Cactos will deliver two types of its electricity storage systems to Logitri – the 100 kWh Cactos One Classic unit made from recycled Tesla EV batteries and the brand new 130 kWh Cactos One Cardo unit. Cactos One Cardo units use first-life lithium iron phosphate battery modules that Cactos manufactures at its factory in Muhos, Finland. This new technology enables Cactos to increase its production output in line with clients’ demands and needs, whilst continuing to offer the optimal second-life application for EV batteries with their Cactos One Classic. 

Once installed, each of the units is controlled and optimised by the cloud computing service, Cactos Spine, allowing for a fully autonomous operation of the units. Cactos Spine continually seeks efficiencies and savings opportunities, automatically optimising the operation of each energy storage unit in the background on a 24/7 basis. 

For example, Spine will automatically charge the storage units when there's excess solar production or cheap electricity available from the grid, and will discharge when it is most economically advantageous. In addition, Spine manages the system's participation in the grid’s services market, regulating the frequency of the national electricity grid whilst generating additional income.

"The contract we signed with Logitri is one of the largest of its kind for behind-the-meter energy storage. The system consists entirely of Cactos One energy storage units and is connected to Logitri’s existing electrical network. This enabled a very fast delivery schedule, with the first units of the system installed almost immediately after the contract was signed, and the overall system expected to be delivered in its entirety by autumn. Thanks to the modularity and scalability of our design, the system has been in operation right from the installation of the first unit," says Cactos founder and CEO Oskari Jaakkola.

Fuelled by its strong customer-led growth and €2.5M funding round in late 2022, Cactos doubled its factory size in early 2023, allowing for nearly a 10-fold increase in unit production. 

Building on strong success in their home market of Finland and due to increased demand for their products internationally, Cactos has recently opened its first international office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, led by Head of International Sales John Graham. The company sees the Netherlands as a key component of its growth strategy and is in active discussions with numerous companies regarding the provision of their Cactos One solution, with the first shipments expected in the near future. 

"Cooperation with Logitri has contributed to our decision to expand our operations to the hub of European freight traffic, the Netherlands. As a result, we are now better able to respond to the great international demand that our product has received," concludes Jaakkola.

For information about this interesting project you can find from the video below.

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