Oulun Baari is leading the way in sustainable energy usage - see how Cactos One is helping transform electric vehicle charging

June 1, 2023
Olli Nuutila

We are proud to present a new client story showcasing the excellent benefits generated by our smart energy solutions. In the video, you will see how the installation of our smart energy storage system, Cactos One, at Oulun Baari promotes the expansion of the electric vehicle charging networks across Finland.

Jussi Jaakkola from Oulun Baari shares insights into his company's energy strategy and describes their commitment to production via their solar panel installation. As their installed electric vehicle charging points increased significantly after recent upgrades, the Cactos energy storage system provided a solution to manage peak power demands and reduce capacity-based electricity bills.

Oulun Baari aims to be a pioneer in providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure at their locations and wants to lead the way for other businesses facing similar challenges. The Cactos One has been an integral part in achieving this goal.

Watch the video below to see firsthand how the Cactos One system operates and learn more about  how it can help your company move towards a more sustainable future.

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