A day in the life - Transportation and Installation

December 26, 2022
Olli Nuutila

Following on from our previous post about what it takes to assemble a Cactos One ESU, we now bring you on the next stage of the journey; moving from assembly at our production facility in Muhos to the installation at one of our client’s premises.

After successfully concluding our rigorous quality checks and testing regime, our team, led by Esa Ryynänen, prepare the Cactos One for transport, performing pre-departure inspections as well as ensuring correct fastening and securing, before allowing the unit to be transported to its new home.  

The modular nature of the Cactos One allows for ease of handling and the units are sized such that to allow for access in a wide array of building configurations in line with our client needs.

Having already conducted a detailed inspection of the layout and arrangement of our Client’s facility as part of our contracting process, the installation is pre-planned and optimised to ensure minimal disruption to our client.

After unloading and positioning in situ, the team conducts an arrival inspection of the Cactos One to ensure that everything is in order after the transportation. Once confirmed, the team then commence the installation and connection works into the clients electricity distribution system. Once the installation and connection works are completed, a final set of pre-energisation safety checks are performed prior to energising the Cactos One. Once these are successfully passed, the unit is fully energised. At this stage the Cactos One undergoes its final commissioning checks and tests and is ready for operation.

Watching each Cactos One come to life is a proud moment for our team and is an exciting milestone for our Clients too.

We thank you for your interest in Cactos and we thank our clients for their continued trust and support in letting the Cactos One safeguard their energy supply, security and resilience in these uncertain times.

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